WORTH will be involved in ‘Industrias Creativas Y Territorio: “Crecimiento Local En La Europa 2020” in Sevilla, Spain on the 25th of September where we will be presenting the WORTH Partnership Project as well as being present for the influential conference event.

The conference will highlight the binomial between “creative industry” and “innovation”. European Commission, Andalusian Federation of Municipalities and Junta de Andalucia are planning to highlight the potential of territory, to make good practices visible and to tackle new initiatives for the search for resources from a common space.

There are going to be three themes to be addressed: firstly, and from the point of view of the significance of the creative economy, they will see how relations between organisations, human actors and territories are placed in an unprecedented way. The work of Michael Porter (1990) has been a determining factor in the fact that many decision-makers worldwide have promoted the development of creative clusters with the aim of favoring business development on a territorial basis. In the international situation of relocation, many economic activities migrate to countries that offer lower production costs. Consequently, the positioning of cities, of any size, on creativity can be seen as a tempting alternative. Following the British example, the cultural/creative register has become an important element of the discourse that cities make about themselves in order to become attractive cities and thus promote themselves to investors, public authorities and even their own inhabitants (Landry, 2000).

The strategy of cities is to attract and retain in their territory scarce and valued resources, which in turn will attract businesses and encourage the development of economic activity. The attraction and preservation of a highly skilled workforce is therefore crucial, and the idea that creativity is individual and that it will ultimately make a territory more dynamic.

And with the Youth2Youth Project implemented by FAMP thanks to the ERASMUS+ Programme. It unites cities, innovation and young entrepreneurship. Since the main objective of training the technical staff of the youth areas of the city councils to effectively and innovatively manage both life skills and entrepreneurial skills of the young population, with the support of ICTs, and the consequent creation of an Interactive Platform designed for young people to publicize and share their business ideas with relevant actors (municipalities, social NGOs, green organizations, educational organizations, etc.).

Thus, the Workshop is proposed as an ideal space to combine the 3Ts; these are technology, talent and tolerance; they are the categories from which Florida (2002) characterizes creativity as a determining element of the industrial and economic dynamism of cities and territories in this era of creativity. 


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