Customise, Print and Wear – 3D Printed Clothes

Danit Peleg has put her innovative thinking into practice with the creation of 3D printed, ready-to-wear clothing.

Peleg established that clothing, like all things, will eventually go digital and with this vision, has become the first producer of 3D home printed clothing, accessible to anyone through the internet.

3D printed clothes have been around for a while however like all new technologies it can take some time for them to match up to consumer’s needs. With previous 3D printing capabilities, we would be walking the streets with clothes resembling armour. 

Thankfully, Danit Peleg designed a collection in 2015 ensuring ease of movement, something 3D printed clothes were lacking before.

Since then, the forward thinking designer has made her designs available to download, customise, and print, from the comfort of consumers’ homes, turning clothes shopping into a digital and personalised experience.

Becoming accessible, wearable and customisable, the use of 3D printing now has the potential to drastically change the fashion industry.


For further information on Danit Peleg’s innovative designs visit her website.

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