The European Commission is coordinating a common European response to the Coronavirus emergency.
The President of the Commission Ursula von der Leyen has established a Coronavirus response team dedicated to coordinate a consistent and uniform political response to the coronavirus outbreak.

The priorities of the European Commission are to bend the trend of the virus spread, give the health systems and workers the right time and space to help those who need it and protect people from the spread of the virus while maintaining the flow of goods.

President von der Leyen has already proposed a set of measures:

  • an adequate supply of protective equipment and medical supplies in all territories of the European Union;
  • full flexibility of EU tax rules to absorb as much as possible economic consequences on the population;
  • EUR 37 billion to provide liquidity for small businesses and the health sector;
  • coherent guidelines to the Member States on the measures to be taken at borders guaranteeing the protection of citizens and the free flow of basic necessities;
  • temporary restriction of unnecessary travel to the European Union.

The crisis coordination mechanism of the Commission has been activated and the European Commission is ready to adopt further measures as the situation evolves, supporting Member States in fighting the crisis with a common course of actions.

For further information about the measures that have been adopted by the European Commission in response to the crisis: