From now it is possible to buy the Smart Heated Vest with thermoregulated properties for outdoor use that can be controlled via smartphone and can be worn underneath every outerwear.

The project was born from an idea of Vulpés Electronics, a Germany based company that believes that the future will be wearable and that it will be the time when we will be able to alter and simplify our interactions with our surroundings. The aim is to prevent people freezing outdoors and increase their well-being permanently, in a design-driven way.

The Smart Heated Vest was designed as a base layer to support the users with active warmth, both in everyday life and under extreme conditions. Thanks to the high-quality materials, it protects them from wind, rain or snow. The graphene elements create a comprehensive heat to ensure an excellent comfort. The heating sheets have been positioned on the most sensitive parts of the upper body and support the skin and muscle areas with active, pleasant warmth.

The Spanish Mobel Sport was also involved. Devotion for quality products, research and technology has driven this company to always test new fabrics & high-tech components, looking always for higher performance in order to spread the market and increase value and profitability.

Currently, Vulpès offers a range of three products, namely smart heated beanie hats, gloves and a newly upgraded version of smart heated insoles. Thanks to the development of interoperable system, all offered products are interconnected and can be controlled via one UI on smartphones.

Discover the Smart Heated Vest at the following link:  https://www.vulpes-electronics.com/heated-vest/


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