We would like to promote the open call for the next Thinkathon collaborative ideas workshop that will take place from the 13th to the 14th of May 2019 in Frankfurt as part of the Innovation Roadshow at the Techtextil and Texprocess trade fairs covering innovation of technical, nonwoven and functional apparel materials, from manufacture to processing

The workshop is organized by Sourcebook on behalf of Messe Frankfurt, the hackathon-inspired event brings teams of international, multidisciplinary experts together – from designers to developers, engineers to entrepreneurs, scientists and sustainability managers – for an intense, two day pop-up think tank to find responsible solutions to challenges in the fashion and textiles industry

The amazing event enables you collaborate with other industry professionals, with the opportunity to meet future partners, clients and employees to assist you in kicking-off R&D projects, learn how to develop your ideas using the latest agile methods with the assistance of experienced systems, coaches and the ability to discuss your solutions directly with the Challenge Host.

The event will also conclude with a series of short presentations during the Fashionsustain conference at Techtextil and Texprocess, participants will also get access to the Techtextil and Texprocess fairs and events between the 14th to 17th May, as well as all of the networking opportunities available there.

If you are interested in upgrading the fashion and textiles industry, apply to be a Thinkathon Participant by the closing of the call on Thursday 18th April.

For further information, head to their website here.


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