One of the many objectives of the WORTH Partnership Project is the creation of collaborations between creative minds through transnational collaborations. It is therefore that we proudly promote the work of the Belgian-based initiative Luscinus.

Luscinus enables ‘collisions’ between creatives, makers and innovators, to spark the collaborative insights we need for a sustainable economic, political, ecological and societal future. Luscinus is a Belgium-based – but internationally active – company, founded by Koen Snoeckx. As ‘Collision Makers’, Luscinus creates contexts and knowledge for specialists from many different realms of expertise to address the fast-moving developments in our society.

Find an example of the amazing support Luscinus provides through a video involving the WORTH 1st call winning project ‘Connextyle‘ by Jessica Smarsch in partnership with Raymond Van EE (Leuven University) and Job Nijenhuis (Vention Technologies: 

The term ‘collisions’ originates from an analogy with the Large Hadron Collider (CERN, Geneva), where energy is released and new fundamental insights created when sub-atomic particles moving at high speeds collide with each other. In a similar way, Luscinus creates an atmosphere for positive energy and new insights when people that move at incredible speed in their own domain (being an entrepreneur, engineer, designer, student, policy maker…) come together and ‘collide’. Also in analogy with the Large Hadron Collider, the contexts that Luscinus creates can be considered as experimental/laboratory conditions to learn and observe from what could be called ‘organized serendipity’ (an increased chance of accidental valuable encounters). Being a reflection of what also spontaneously happens, but might go unnoticed. And with the ultimate aim to generate impact in the society itself.

The company name Luscinus has a dual origin. First, it is named after Gaius Fabricius Luscinus Monocularis: a Roman consul who was known for his austerity and incorruptibility. Just like this historical figure, Luscinus believes in new collaborative paradigms, based on co-investing time and passion in a joint vision and ideology. Secondly, it is Latin for ‘the one-eyed’. And just like its one-eyed namesake, Luscinus believes that in a world of highly skilled specialists, there is added value to be brought by the “the one-eyed man in the land of the blind”. With diversification and specialization so embedded in today’s culture, intermediates and mediators are crucial to exploiting the full potential of encounters between experts in diverse fields.

If you wish to learn more about the activities Luscinus is involved in, follow this link for relevant knowledge and insights in the form of blog posts:
More specific services and insights can be delivered upon request.


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