WORTH Benefits

If you are selected you will receive:

  • funding of up to € 10,000 for each project (Or € 12,000 for projects requiring complex technology and/or materials),

  • coaching and advice,

  • product market positioning and branding,

  • participation in two of the top international trade fairs and exhibitions,

  • networking and cross-sector collaboration, and

  • product development.


Who can apply?

Self-employed professionals and SMEs (Small and Medium sized Enterprise) working in the fashion and consumer goods industry across Europe can apply to the project:

  • designers,

  • crafters,

  • SMEs (Small and Medium sized Enterprise), 

  • start-ups, and

  • technology firms.

We are looking for creative and disruptive minds involved in the following sectors:

You can apply to WORTH Partnership Project:

    • if you have an idea to be developed and already have a potential partner to work with;

    • if you have an idea but do not know a potential partner, we will help you to find the right one; or

    • if you are seeking advice in the conception of an idea, with or without any potential partner to work with yet, we will help you.

Apply Now!


Partnerships must be formed of partners from at least two participating countries and involve at least two of the following professions:

  • designers; self-employed professionals, design labs, and start-ups,

  • makers; crafters and SME manufacturers, 

  • technology firms; innovators, tech labs, tech providers and start-ups. 

Click here to find out if you can apply.


How to apply

Apply to WORTH Partnership Project by registering your application form.

To enter the selection process you must complete the following three steps:

Eligibility check

  • You may complete the eligibility check without having a partner and with or without a fully conceived project idea.

  • If you do not have a potential partner or a project idea, we will help you with both once you have passed the eligibility check.

  • All potential partners must register and pass the eligibility check individually.

Find a partner to work with

  • Enter your profile data onto the Gallery and gain access to the Gallery of potential partners to work with you on a new project.

  • If you do not find a suitable partner on the Gallery, you may request our support to help find the right partner for you. You will find further information about how to do this on the Gallery.

  • If you have found the ideal group to develop your project idea (total of two or three partners) you may go ahead with the next step.

Partnership Project Proposal Submission

  • After submitting your Partnership Project Proposal we will assess the quality and viability of your proposed partnership project.


When to apply?

Applications are open NOW!

First submission deadline 31st December 2017.

Over the next four years, applications will be open to submit your Partnership Project Proposal with several selection processes and respective cut-off dates.